Living and working at the far edges of the land, by the woods where the birds sing and the wild things creep in the shadows.

New York born and San Francisco bled, Dyanna Csaposs received her first BFA in Graphic Design. She worked for several years in advertising before starting her own freelance studio, working with a wide range of clients including musicians, boutiques, and advertising agencies. A lifelong painter and illustrator, she missed the feeling of creating something tangible. This, combined with her interest in fashion, brought her to Parsons The New School for Design. While there, she interned for Derek Lam, Novis, and Charles Youssef. Upon graduating, Dyanna’s portfolio and three of her looks were selected to show at the Parsons 2016 End of Year Exhibition. 

Dyanna is a dark, yet playful, designer. Her inspiration and aesthetic comes from the juxtaposition of light and darkness and her love for, and experiences living on, both coasts. She also lived in New Orleans and Florence for a short time, and draws influence from her many travel experiences around the world. 

She has a strong connected to the earth, and strives to do right by it and its inhabitants in everything she does. This is something she never compromises on. You will never find anything sourced from an animal in her creations. 

View Dyanna's Graphic Design work:

All photos, styling, and design by Dyanna Csaposs